Medical Health Plans

Your Med Health Plan .com was developed with the concept of providing a
self-help directory of various types of health plans.

My name is Jack McGlynn, and I am a Medicare Health Plan Producer.  During the course of my job, I frequently run into people asking about other types of plans.  For example, some people want to add dental to their Medicare while others are looking for something to bridge the gap to Medicare. 

People who are accustomed to contributing to an Employer Plan are likely to understand the average cost of a good health plan.  Others, however, are shocked by the high cost.

I often run into people who are self-employed and never contributed to a
health plan.  They were healthy and everything was just fine.  However, years have gone by and now they are afraid of those things that happen with life.  Things that require doctor visits and prescription drugs.

Let me point out a type of plan known basically as preventative health.  It allows you a certain number of doctor visits, items covered by the Affordable Care Act, and either a prescription discount or an actual prescription drug plan.  See my directory HERE.

Meet Jack McGlynn:

I am a veteran of the United States Navy and I have over 25 years experience in the medical field and I have learned how to deal with health insurance.

Jack McGlynn